For agencies that want to scale or have a reliable backup plan

Add me to the roster of talent for when time is right

I know the struggle. You want to scale but hiring someone is both stressful for you and risky for your business.

I know that, because I was in your position before making a decision to scale back and work as a freelancer.
Here’s why you can rely on me

I say no to most projects

I we agree to work together, that’s because I like you, the project and I’m confident in my skills.

Pay when project is done

I want to make this easy and stress free. Also I never had problems with non paying clients in 10 years.

Full transparency from Day 1

Shared Figma files, public read only links and constant updates. No unpleasant surprises after Day 5.

Product management skills

Talking with clients, participating on calls, voicing concerns early, managing work with other people - I got it.

So what is it that I do? I am designer first, and Webflow developer second.

I specialize in certain skills that I both know on a deeper level and enjoy doing. Those are designing websites and building them in Webflow. For custom development or copywriting, there are more skilled people out there.
2D animation
...and more
What I don’t do
Custom development
Crazy animations

Some of the clients and agencies I’ve worked with in the past few years

So what are you waiting for? I can only work on so many projects at once.

On a serious note, I’d love to connect with you even if you are not currently interested in my services.
Thank you! I will respond promptly.