Webflow experts and premium template designers

We leverage the power of no code tools to transform interfaces into fully functional websites

Design to Code
Transforming Figma or Sketch designs into a fully functional website using Webflow
Adding various integrations and plugins to upgrade the website with custom functionality
Ongoing Support
Supporting clients with extra pages, templates or troubleshooting their old websites

Webflow Templates

Carefully crafted templates for small business owners and creatives
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We take huge pride in delivering outstanding websites to our clients and a big part of this is due to Webflow and its powerful features such as Designer, Editor, and Content Management System. Our small team of Webflow experts is making sure that every website we make is built on tried and tested fundamentals and looks like a website in 2020 should look.

Apart from creating beautiful client websites, we also build premium Webflow templates and provide support to hundreds of clients around the world. Templates are a key part of the Webflow ecosystem and allow less experienced designers and business owners to build full-blown and unique looking website time and cost-efficiently.

Explore some of the Best Webflow Features


Quick Content Updates

Change copy, images, and more right from the live website and publish updates instantly with Editor, and create new content for template pages with easy-to-use CMS.

Secure and Fast Hosting

Never worry about updates or downtime - your website is in safe hands with Webflow.
Global CDN
Free SSL
Automatic Backups
Zero Maintainance
Scalable Hosting

Seamless Integrations

Enhance your Webflow website and unlock all kinds of functionality with integrations and other third-party plugins. Connect your favorite marketing tools, or automate tasks with ease.
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Made to Rank

Websites are supposed to look pretty, but more importantly, to convert. Webflow has all the functionality in place to enable web designers to enhance on-site SEO with ease.


Custom machine learning solutions for real-life problems
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Frequently Asked

Do you work exclusively with Webflow?
Yes, we do front-end exclusively with Webflow. There have been times, where customers have specifically asked for Wordpress service and didn't want a full redesign, but if you are in need of a custom new website, we will try and explain the benefits of Webflow and why we wholeheartedly believe in it.
Can you help us transfer website from Wordpress / Wix to Webflow?
Absolutely, that is one of our main services. We can transfer a website from any page building service that's out there, and we take special care to transfer the website completely and with regards to best SEO practices.
Do I need to host my new website with Webflow?
You don't need to, but we strongly suggest you do. For the price of hosting, you get much more than just hosting itself - global CDN, free SSL support, automatic backups, powerful CMS, zero maintenance, and more. But we try to go over each project individually, and there are cases where we export the code from Webflow and send the static code to our clients.
Do you sell any templates that are not published on Webflow Marketplace?
Only those, that are listed on the marketplace are currently being sold, but we are working hard to release at least one template every 60 days. If you want to be the first one to get notified when a new one ships, subscribe to our newsletter on the template page.
Where can I ask for a template support?
Ideally, you should ask your question directly on the template page on Webflow website, under the Supports tab. This way, when a question gets answered, it will also be visible to other people. Alternatively, you can simply contact us at info@madebylumen.com

Explore our pricing examples to see estimations for various project scopes we offer


Build a website based on an existing design

For businesses that already have their new website designed or want to hire us for both.

Adapt website based on a webflow template

For businesses that want quicker but tried and tested website based on an existing template.

Webflow work on a fixed hourly rate

For those that might already have a webflow website but need assistance or fixing problems.