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Mapping customer journey, doing competitive research and preparing sitemap and URL structure.
Visually defining the information hierarchy of the design and aligning vision with the client
UI Design
Transforming client wireframes into aesthetically pleasing and functional web design


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To be an authority in your field, you need to lead by example. One of these examples is how you present yourself online. The website needs to be fast, responsive, insightful, the user experience has to be faultless and design needs to make a great first impression to attract potential clients and decrease bounce rate. Our web design agency has developed a streamlined process, that guides our clients from idea to the live website in a collaborative way and ensures the quality that your website needs to be at.

Our agency is equipped with knowledge and passionate about the web design industry and is continuously trying to move the bar of web design. We feel obliged to stay up-to-date with all the newest trends and offer our clients the service they deserve.

Since 2012, we have cumulatively designed over 250 websites for our global clients across various industries, but we don't want you to take our word for it. Explore projects we worked on and see it for yourself.


Frequently Asked

Our team already made the wireframes, can we hire you for design only?
Absolutely. We can jump in on the project regardless of the current development phase. But please keep in mind that to do service properly and avoid future roadblocks, we will still do quick research and confirm that project is in good condition.
How long does web design phase usually take?
Our web design process takes between 1-3 weeks to complete, depending on the project complexity and cooperation from the client with content.
Do you do illustrations?
We currently have an outsourced illustrator that's in charge of creating outstanding illustrations for our agency. At the start of the project, we'll go over the scope of work, and if illustrations are part of it, we'll discuss that on the spot.
Can you provide stock photos and various mockups?
Yes - in case you decided to use any of those assets in your project, we can make that happen.
Can you do website design for certain niche?
We do! We specialize in building niche websites for local businesses, and work with them on SEO optimization to get their businesses on the next level. We target businesses all around the world that need professional website, but we do mainly focus on cities like Toronto or New York.
How do we get started?
We try to onboard new clients via our free discovery call, to have a chance to know them better, get a basic understanding of their business and be prepared to offer them value and valuable information right away.
You can also contact us directly via email at

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Design one page website from scratch

One page website design for new businesses or those that just need a fresh look.

Design multi page website from scratch

Full blown website design for new businesses or those that just need a fresh look.

Design on a fixed hourly rate

Great value for those, that don't need a complete overhaul, or need a custom design service.